Ticket Free

Imagine owning a car guaranteed to keep you ticket free.

That’s what the coming unmanned vehicles mean: no tickets for you. 1 But the state demands its pound of flesh, so when (if) an autonomous car breaks the law…who pays?

Google (in the case of their self-driving cars) is actually arguing that they should pay as no decision is ever made by any individual in the car. 2 But to accommodate that thinking, as well as other individual vagaries between differing state laws – what about “points”, for example?, means attending the mind-numbingly boring public meetings that all right-thinking folks avoid.

Knowing this the Cali state legislature passed Senate Bill 1298 (Vehicle Code §38750) which requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to “adopt regulations governing the testing and use of autonomous vehicles on public roadways no later than January 1, 2015.” Said regulation has so far resulted in the DMV presenting four public hearings, the most recent of which was in March, and we hereby present for your viewing excitement. 3

Rêves doux

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Fuck the insurance companies.
  2. I’d be careful there; given SCOTUS’ propensity for imbuing corporations with both ‘humanity’ and ‘inalienable rights’, a car crash resulting in loss of life might put either Page or Brin in the pen.
  3. Might want to skip ahead to the 6 minute mark where the a discussion over the definition of what “stop” means begins…

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