We ran across My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection (which is just what it sounds like – LPs are cussed and discussed) earlier in the week; it’s a funny mixture of hipster irony and painful earnesty, leavened by a soupçon of cluelessness:

Alex and I have lived together for 9 years. In those 9 years we have packed up, moved and unpacked his record collection 5 times. It’s about 15 boxes, about 1500 hundred records “that includes the singles and stuff, which you’re also going to have to review.” Is what Alex just said to me from the other room…

Here are the rules I’ve set for my self. Start with the “A’s” these records are set up in alphabetical order by artist. Listen to the entire thing even if I really hate it. And make sure to comment on the cover art. Are you with me? Let’s see how far I can go.

The most recent post reviews “The Blasting Concept“, though we found the lady’s prior thoughts on a couple of Black Sabbath LPs…enlightening.

We imagine the shiny will wear off long before she works her way through hubby’s 1500 + collection, but it appears safe enough for a once-a-week visit.

Photorealism: Yigal Ozeri

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