Down the Hatch

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said on Monday that if the Supreme Court rules against Hobby Lobby, which sued the federal government to block Obamacare’s contraception mandate, he’ll propose a constitutional amendment.

“I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t screw that up is all I can say,” Hatch said about the Hobby Lobby case during a Memorial Day speech in Wood Cross, Utah, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “Because if they foul up the First Amendment again, we are going to have a constitutional amendment. And I believe I can put one on that everybody in this country, except the nuts, will support.”

“I shouldn’t talk like that, but I’ve reached an age that I can say whatever I want. Especially because it’s true,” he continued.

Hatch also warned that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is in jeopardy.


You know, it’s getting to the point that senile jackasses like Hatch and Torture Boy McCain are starting to craft amendments to the constitution to will define religion pretty much however they want and no one is paying attention.

Sure, it won’t pass, much less be ratified by the necessary states. But eventually one of these insane 1 bills will pass, and then where will we be?

Left to the graces of our fellow man/woman?

Rêves doux

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  1. The notion of Hatch passing said amendment is the definition of insanity, NOT the self-regarding killing spree of a pampered wannabe adult. In case you were curious.

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