You’re Vladimir Putin

You’re Vladimir Putin, and you don’t understand why the so-called “West” finds you so hard to understand. Perhaps because the United States and the European Union are so blinded by their ideology that they genuinely can’t even see that they have one?

But it is glaringly obvious from inside the Kremlin looking out. Their leadership and their press proclaim that their globalized transnational banking dominant brand of market economy is no ideology but the triumphant “end of history,” as their pundit Fukuyama so grandiosely put it before their “Great Recession” and their current so-called “New Normal,” with its massive national governmental debts, massive unemployment, downward pressure on wages, and grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality rendered such ideological breast-beating pathetically ridiculous.

You’re Vladimir Putin, and since you were a product of the Soviet Union’s Communist ideology, you can certainly recognize a failed ideology when you see one! Just because Communism failed it doesn’t meant that predatory globalized transnational capitalism is in the process of succeeding. In Greece, for horrible example, in Spain, in Ireland, indeed in the European Union as a whole or for that matter in the holier-than-thou United States.

You’re Vladimir Putin, a former KGB professional, and therefore a pragmatic realist who doesn’t make decisions on the basis of any ideology at all. You’re the thrice-elected President of the Russian Federation, and your job is to defend, protect, and enhance the national self-interest of the Russian State and the Russian people, period…

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