Lisa Teachman

Even as we write 2,094 people are readying themselves for bed, giddy with the possibility of severe thunderstorms creeping into the metro area overnight. But what really has got these folks beside themselves is Lisa Teachman’s return to the local airwaves tomorrow at 4:30 AM to tell them all about it.

We are not big on the new Tupperware, but one has to admit in certain cases it can be effective: a single FB page managed to convince over two thousand people to switch their viewing habits such Lisa Teachman has come back to haunt (the management of ) KMBC. Moreover each of those two thousand folks have friends, many of whom share the same TV viewing habits – it would not surprise us if nearly five thousand people switch from KMBC to KCTV5 tomorrow. 1

We won’t know until The Book comes out next, but call this a win for Teachman and KCTV5. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Including us; we appreciated Teachman’s low key approach early mornings.
  2. No, no word on Joel Nichols. A shame, that – we enjoyed his sense of humor.

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