Porn is leading us into the future once again.

The ubiquitous GIF, a 27-year-old image format that has grown into an Internet artform, is becoming obsolete. For proof, one only has to look at the impressive new file format taking over the big pornography forums on enormously popular websites like Reddit. The new technology loads faster than GIFs and looks better. What’s not to love?

Meet GFY, the “video moment” technology that bridges the gap between the old-school GIF and new-school video…

For the last three years, communities of millions on Reddit and Tumblr have perfected the porno highlight-reel. Subreddits like r/nsfw_gif (link NSFW) attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers, not to mention the silent majority who patronize the website without officially subscribing.

The GIF makes absolute sense for porn: The best moments are on repeat forever and ever, or at least until the browser window is closed. Consumers don’t have the time nor the energy for, sigh, a five-minute porn video. A GIF is all killer, no filler, and quick enough that your pizza won’t get cold.

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