Westport High

Today was so nice we spent part of it at Lowe’s, ostensibly to buy needed supplies but truly as a way of avoiding actual yard work. Don’t tell Nora.

While there we ran across Our Friend. He looked disgustingly chipper for someone who had spent the previous night at his kids’ school’s annual gala charity event. 1 After chiding us for not making an appearance 2 he mentioned that KCPS board president Airick West had been in attendance. He said he had spoken briefly with West, had asked him why the board had not moved on the sale of Westport High School to the Foutch Brothers (with whom Académie Lafayette is partnered) at the most recent board meeting. West replied that some board members were “concerned” about the multi-use nature of the Foutch Brothers’ proposal, but that he (West) was sure “the board could move past that.”

WNBTv - Good TV!

And so it goes.

This same board approved a Kansas City Sustainable Development Partners’s mixed use plan when they sold them Westport Middle School last year. The Foutch Brothers’ proposal –they also bid on the middle school — has not significantly altered since. What then has changed? The public minutes from last Wednesday’s meeting…we’re sorry, the lack of any public minutes on the KCPS’ website makes it impossible to judge.

Our Friend notes the Académie Lafayette high school committee has a Plan B should the proposed sale of Westport High School flunk, but it’s a super-secret hush hush affair no one is willing to talk about. And even if Plan B drops out, it’s not the end of the world; Kansas City could certainly use a quality high school but it doesn’t necessarily have to be run by a charter school. Maybe the KCPS board knows something the rest of Kansas City does not.

After all the board and Dr. Green insist their district should already be provisionally accredited – maybe KCPS will reopen Westport High School themselves.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Our Friend confided that he so over-imbibed at last year’s event he woke the following day to find Rita –a meter maid — making breakfast in his kitchen. Never again, he swore.
  2. At Our Friend’s invitation, last year we escorted Nora to Académie Lafayette’s An Evening in Paris. It was good fun; we paid too much for some art, even ran across Mayor James. This year? I think we were asleep on the couch.

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