Russian Aggressors

We refrained last week from drawing the (obvious) parallels between the Russian invasion and occupation of another sovereign nation and the United States foreign policy practices since Viet Nam. You know – fish::barrel, candy::babies, Moe::Larry/Curly.

Besides, we mused, perhaps the United States has moved on from that unacceptable behavior. perhaps we’ve finally learned our lesson about meddling in the affairs of others.

American Special Forces troops … scaled his walls with ladders on Thursday, arresting [Qazi Nasir] Mudassir and two other employees of [his] Radio Paighame Milli. … They were apparently unaware, he said, that his radio station is supported in large part by pro-government, pro-coalition propaganda advertisements paid for by the American military.

Mr. Mudassir said a force of more than two dozen Americans carried out the raid, ransacking his premises and damaging much of the broadcasting equipment, as well as seizing computers, phones and recording gear. “They even put that black hood over my head and slapped me and beat me,” he said.

“They treated us inhumanely even though we were very pro their presence, and pro-government,” Mr. Mudassir said. He said that he had been taken to the United States Army’s Special Forces base in Logar and held overnight, and that interrogators had tried to get him to identify photographs of people suspected of being insurgents. “They said, ‘You better tell the truth because you know if we want to kill you we can.’”

And there you have it, American foreign policy stripped down to its quintessential core: “If we want to kill you we can.”

We ought to thank Putin and his WWE madman ways for drawing attention away from the fact that the United States is till the most savage psychopath on the block.
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