Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Is it just us or has the last endless year of coverage concerning Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemed excessive? Seriously, we haven’t seen the media this focused on one issue since Oprah retired to sit at the right hand of Gawd.

You know, it might be understandable if there was some actual news on the aircraft, or news aboard the aircraft, and the searchers –Thank Thor!– discovered it. 1 Or if the searchers found a camera-ready lone survivor on a deserted island, surrounded by scavenged FedEx packages, painting a deflated soccer ball and mumbling to himself.

But, no. All that seems to be available is remnants; the lees and orts of yesterday’s news, which itself was a rehash of the prior day’s news, which was… And that’s because the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 sleep with the fishes…or inside them.

The families of the missing passengers have my sympathy but until actual, verifiable news about the cause of the disappearance – not speculation – becomes available, the media should return to their standard obsess-about-something-for-48-hours-then-move-on-to-the-next-shiny-thing pattern.

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  1. And then quickly told us what the news was before we lost interest.

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