Idée Fixe

Lindsey Graham barely sleeps at night, so worried is he that President Obama will gut our standing military such that North Korea will be able to just walk in and invade us. Quelle horreur!

“What if the leader of North Korea woke up tomorrow and said ‘it’s time to take the South?’ 440,000 members of the U.S. Army is a gutted Army,” Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning. “This budget by President Obama guts our defense. It is the smallest Army since 1940, the smallest Navy since 1950, the smallest Air Force in modern history.”

Graham, a leading defense hawk who’s facing a potentially competitive primary, has been especially critical of nearly every suggestion the Obama administration has made in regards to foreign policy and defense.

Before you summarily dismiss Graham’s worries as the simple idée fixe of a stooge for the military-industrial complex, consider the below charts:



These charts clearly show…oh. Hold on a minute. These are the wrong charts.

We’ll be back with the corrected charts in a little bit. Wait right there.
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