False Prophet

We’re not ready to endorse the latest Pope for anything other than yet another in Catholicism’s endless string of bureaucratic figureheads dedicated to promulgating their own particular brand of insanity. Indeed, given the fact the latest Comical Chapeau has done absolutely nothing about the sexual abuse of children by his many, many deviant priests, it’s safe to assume the current feel-good nature of his reign will soon fade as the rest of the world accepts what Catholics already know: no great change is coming.

On the other hand we certainly don’t believe he’ll bring about The End Times.

However the right-wing loonies lately driving American politics seem convinced Francis might be the False Prophet. And they’re getting a plan together 1 to deal with that possibility:

ATLANTA, March 13, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Pope Francis celebrates the first year anniversary (March 13) of his papal election this week. Looking back over his first year over the 1.2 Billion Catholics, some of Pope Francis’ actions and statements have raised serious concerns in the hearts of many faithful Catholics. Catholic theologian, Dr. Kelly Bowring, recently wrote a blog article asking his readers to look at the disconcerting actions and statements of Pope Francis and the “Francis effect” in the light of twelve Catholic prophecies about the False Prophet, who is mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Bowring’s article appeared on the front page of the website of his book publisher, Two Hearts Press TwoHeartsPress.com.

Dr. Bowring has spent years studying the end times and is the author of several books on biblical and Catholic prophecy, including his bestseller, “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph,” and his newly released, “The Signs of the Times,” both with Two Hearts Press.

In his blog article, Bowring also describes what to expect from the False Prophet according to the prophecies. He then provides seven suggestions on how Catholics should respond to the possibility and growing concern that Pope Francis might be the False Prophet.

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  1. One sincerely hopes it involves burning at the stake. Or, at a bare minimum, turning Francis into a newt.

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