Cultural Divide

England is suffering from a “worrying cultural divide” with poor adults much less likely to read books than their richer neighbours, a report says.

The country is divided into two nations, those who read weekly or daily, and those who prefer TV and DVDs, it says.

It finds key links between an individual’s social background and how likely they are to read.

The research, from charity Booktrust, is based on a survey of 1,500 adults.

The study found that on average, the richer someone’s background, the more likely they are to read.

Meanwhile a higher proportion of people from poorer backgrounds admitted they never read.

Younger people, men and those with lower levels of qualifications are also less likely to be readers.1

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  1. One suspects if we cared to look we’d find the same cultural divide in the United States as well.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Divide”

  1. Did you see the article the other day about how the last independent bookstore in Manhattan closed due to the rent being too damn high? Not directly related to this post, but interesting cultural asterisk.

    1. I did indeed and believe there is a direct corollary; it doesn’t benefit the weathly to have anyone but themselves read, so raise the rent and get a real, money making business in there.

      At one point in this country reading/learning was a way out of poverty. Not so much any more.

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