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Good kee-rist: more the-fucking-sky-is-falling-cause-Obamacare crap over at Forbes, where young Master Smith opines the latest CBO report 1 is proof positive the fucking Kenyan Obama not only loathes capitalism but despises work. By setting up the ACA so people could “leave the workforce willingly in order to pursue their dreams”, the president has doomed, D O O M E D these poor folks:

A White House that frames a job as a prison to be escaped from is heedless of the psychic devastation and desolation that come with losing one’s connection to the economic networks that mean much to us — socially and even spiritually. Work doesn’t just give us a paycheck, it gives us meaning and purpose.

Thor only knows what I would do if deprived [every freaking Monday morning] of the received wisdom of shortish,  middle-aged obese men [most of whom having never played a single minute of competitive organized sports] concerning the previous weekend’s gladiatorial activities. Oh, the inhumanity! How would I be able to replace such spiritually meaningful moments of cubicle chat 2 were I to absent myself from the workforce to go on, say, walkabout?

Or worse…read poerty!

Each person who decides she’d rather translate ancient Babylonian poetry than hold an entry-level office job is foregoing not only the drab cubicle but also the corner office that might have been hers 25 years of diligence later.

Master Smith’s credulous youth aside, he’s still an intellectual poltroon – 2.5 years at any company, assuming one could get hired on, is closer to the truth. 25 years at the same firm? With decent benefits and a retirement plan to match? That’s as far out of reach these days as…well, a decent job.

And it’s not as if the readers of Forbes are unaware of that fact, know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge? Far more likely is serial contract work for any number of indifferent companies that results in little or no savings and hit or miss health care. Benefits – are you high?

Master Smith would have us believe that was still more worthwhile a goal than reading poetry.

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Pete Seegers’ recent passing blew fresh air on the otherwise moribund: unions.

The power of unions backed by people willing to stand up for their rights,even to the point of violence, should not be discounted. But just as important was the family farm. Should the city turn out to be  a shuck, or the job not pay enough to be worth the effort, until the ’70s most Americans had an option – they could move back to the family farm.

Between these two forces businesses were forced, as often as not, to pay fair wages.

Today unions are seen as nonessential, even disdained. And the family farm? Doesn’t exist, at least not in the same numbers, or sense, as it once did. Which goes no little way to explaining the wage stagnation prevalent since the ’70s; employers have workers over a barrel and they know it.

For nearly 40 years American corporations have lied straight-faced to the American worker, screwed him unmercifully every chance they got, then screwed him again. They’ve sacked the economy like barbarians at the gates of Rome, ruined the credit of millions, stolen homes from many more millions, lavished unemployment across the land like a party favor, then killed extended unemployment benefits.

Are there no prisons, they gently ask.

But comes now a president, a black president no less, who dares to suggest endless toil in the company store is merely an option? Fuck casting aspersions – let start with stones.

Wake the fuck up, people. There’s less and less time.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Which has been so badly, deliberately mischaracterized by the GOP and its minions they might well be talking about any of the Harry Potter books.
  2. I have to admit I would miss unwinding an unlikely tale to the guys, like the long weekend I once spent in ALice, TX, with Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González II. Or listening to theirs. But…spirituality? Pull the other one…

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