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Over at The Weatherist (ED’s Note: Now apparently defunct – no link) 1 they are running a poll: Kansas City’s Favorite Weathercaster (ED’s Note: Again…they were running a poll; now they’re just another dead site on the innernetz.).

As of this writing someone named Kalee Dionne at KSHB41 leads all vote-getters, followed by KMBC’s Bryan Busby and KSHB’s Gary Lezak. The other nominees are scrapping around for also ran status.

We think it worth noting that KMBC’s Erin Little and Neville Miller are so far out of even also ran status as to be embarrassing. 2 Fun Fact: the write-in votes (which several people have decided is the proper use for The Weatherist’s comments section) for recently departed Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman equal or surpass votes for Neville Miller, Michelle Apon and Hallie Shulman.

Over at the Support For Joel Nichols &; Lisa Teachman FB page, membership now tops 1,000.

We still don’t get it.

Yes, we would prefer that Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman were still around at 4:30 am weekday mornings (there’s a reason Little polls poorly.) 3 But Nichols has been gone nearly two months now. Supportive Facebook pages and dreadful personality polls aside, it’s over – KMBC has no more interest in the public’s opinion than does Mayor James.

We suppose the Nichols/Teachman FB site offers some solace, and perhaps meaning 4, to those that frequent it, but it is destined to become –undoubtedly within a couple of months — a mockery of itself, yet another artifact of abandoned emotions. 5

Move on, folks. This is getting cringe-worthy. 6

Joel Nichols

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  1. Which, according to p. 1336 of Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is a word only in the sense that ginormous is a word; Thor knows that fount of knowledge Wiki is stumped by its mention. Even the repository of all things ‘net, the urban dictionary, invites one just to make something up.
  2. Though it may be an honest mistake in Little’s case; from her picture people may well assume KMBC is breaking the child labor laws by employing her and do not want to abet the station’s despicable behaviour.
  3. Joel Nichols always reminded us of a toned down Harris K. Telemacher. And we just liked Teachman’s smile.
  4. Though, seriously – what?
  5.  We admit that is better than most active MySpace sites, to include Kansas City’s Caped Crime Fighter himself.
  6. If not nearly as bad as that time one of KC’s stellar citizen’s attempted to rape a dead person.

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