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Glass is a head-mounted computer with a camera and a microphone. It sees what you see, hears what you hear. But Glass is not for “life logging”; unlike cameras such as the Narrative Clip, it is not intended to document your day. The battery doesn’t have enough juice, and there’s no organizing software. Glass is an always-ready smart device that answers your questions, alerts you to messages, and gives you driving directions. The see-through display is just out of your direct line of sight. When you choose to consult the display, it looks like a smartphone screen
Yet for them, Glass is hard to ignore. It’s not clear whether that’s because it’s so new or whether there is something inherently intrusive about this kind of device. When others look at me wearing Glass, the first thing they see is a plastic boom over my right eye with a camera pointed held eight inches from your face. But when you are doing something else, Glass is easy to ignore. Google’s challenge in making the device a successful consumer product will be convincing the people around you to ignore it as well.
straight at them. Are they being filmed? There’s a small translucent prism—the “glass”—with a tiny illuminated rectangle that no one else can read. Am I paying attention to them, or to it? What is it whispering? They can’t hear.

As child glasses were definitely NOT cool: bug eyes, four eyes, window face; kids are creatively cruel. The Christmas I turned ten I was hit in the eye with an arrow and was scared I would become another bug eyes. Though I did not need glasses until much later in life (long after I quit caring about what’s ‘hip’), the incident put a damper on even the idea of contact lenses; rationally I understood they won’t blind me, but…

But when Google finally buys out some (probably South Korean) camera-capable contact lens manufacturer, or partners with someone like Innovega, I’ll get over my phobia – the benefits would be too great to abstain. In fact, it might even be considered self-defense; Seattle dive bar 5 Point will be hard-pressed to spot the androids from humans then, even if he has Deckard working the door.

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