Boobs in Space!

The new semi-nude, already overripe Kate Upton HD zero gravity video (which won’t last long – click NOW!) 1 2

One wonders if Upton will send this reel to the folks producing the new Barbarella TV show. 3 4

Boobs in Space!

Show 4 footnotes

  1. If you’d like to experience weightlessness yourself, just cough up $5K and contact these fine folks.
  2. Annnnnd…we were right: the topless Upton vid was pulled a couple of days after we posted this item. Sorry to say all’s that’s available now is the vid that show her somewhat clad. Unfortunately she’s also talking…
  3. To do the boobs theme justice, the new Barbarella will have to air on HBO/Showtime/Skinamax. Or at least that channel that Spartacus was on.
  4. Unsure how I feel about Barbarella being redone, even for teh TV; there was something about Fonda’s fetchingly dumb heroine I doubt is available today. Perhaps it was just my (then) naïvety. Regardless…

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