January 7th UPDATE: Lisa Teachman announced on her FB page she will officially leave KMBC after the 31st of January.

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We rose early this morning, intent on a graceful reentry into our normal workaday orbit.

Our thinking was that waking at 4 AM  today through Sunday would make next Monday’s return to the office less dismaying disheartening disgusting discouraging dispiriting demoralizing depressing disappointing of a shock.

Things started fine: we managed to start the 40 hour charging process on the new Stanley FatMax without exploding the house 1; coffee brewed – check; oatmeal with cinnamon – check; the weirdly matched news anchors on ABC’s World News Now – check; the local, non-alarmist and accurate weather with Joel Nichols…hey, wtf? And where is Smiley, the ever lovely Lisa Teachman? Gawd damn it, it’s too early in the morning for this shit…

Hmm…no Joel Nichols on the KMBC web site, but Lisa is still listed.

Lisa Teachman

Maybe Teachman still has a fighting chance, eh? After all KMBC simply didn’t renew her contract – that could have already changed. But Joel, wtf?

The rumor making the rounds is that the station wanted him to join Bryan Busby on KMBC‘s evening broadcasts: boys in the evenings, girls…make that girl…in the mornings. Not sure what that’s about, but I understand Nichols not wanting to make that kind of shift; we left the service (the first time) instead of rotating from Europe to Ft. Hood (Tex-ass).

It’s not that we’re not against change per se; some change is not only beneficial but necessary.

Take the crazy traffic-woman KMBC tried out.

We couldn’t tell you her name but she suddenly showed up one morning last year to point out –at 4:40 in the morning, mind you– the highways and byways to avoid. Seriously? An attractive (in a sharp-edged fashion ) dishwater blond who looked into the camera lens with haunted eyes, the lady was obviously (in our humble opinion) blasted by whatever inner demons beset her. She easily made our personal Don’t Want To Meet In A Dark Alley list.

Yes, we were glad when she faded away.

But Joel and Lisa? Not so much, not happy with that at all.

But who are we to judge? KMBC undoubtedly knows better than us what we want. Which is somewhat unsettling since I now want to watch a different local morning newscast – could that be part of KMBC‘s e-vil plan?

Bon voyage, Joel and Lisa. Safe landings to you both. And thanks for all the non-hyperbolic forecasts.

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. We are something of a mechanical klutz. Not dangerously so, or at least not very often, but a klutz just the same.

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    1. No wonder she was bats with a name like that! And, yeah – totally forgot the mild case of esotropia she had going on. It probably added to the deranged killer vibe. On the other hand I think Teachman also has (an even milder version of) esotropia, though it is rather fetching on her. Probably becuase she’s not a serial killer.

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