Polish Literature

Polish literature, from its sheer quantity and innovative quality, undoubtedly deserves a place alongside the greatest, yet it has remained significantly less mainstream than its Russian or French counterparts, perhaps on account of the language barrier. However, outstanding translations of classics and contemporary successes have been steadily appearing over the last few years, offering book lovers a newfound chance to discover hidden treasures. Simply select the statement that applies best, and you will be redirected to the information you need to take to your local bookstore.

Select your literary profile:

a) I do not intend to actually read a book, I simply want to seem knowledgeable at faculty parties

b) It strongly prefer all things odd and kafkaesque.

c) I’m fond of long-winded epics, I loved War and Peace.

d) … 1

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  1. The options run from A through J…which is Science Fiction. As a long time fan of Stanisław Lem, that’s what I chose. And now I know about Sławomir Mrożek .

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    1. I got turned on to Lem through Dick, maybe Ellison. And he wasn’t so much popular at the time as — in certain quarters — a flavor of the month; people fell off reading him. Not me – I liked his wicked sense of humor.

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