The One Ring

But does the One Ring actually convey power to anyone but Sauron? It actually seems to diminish its bearers: Bilbo feels “thin” and “stretched”, Smeagol becomes the wretched Gollum, Frodo is never quite the same even after it is destroyed. None of them seem more “powerful,” even in the abstract way that magic-users in Tolkien operate. No mention is made, that I can recall, of a Ringbearer having greater stature or authority, or of people naturally following them or obeying their commands, while they possess the Ring.

The item is headed – “Would the One Ring even work for anyone but Sauron?” 1

One might well ask the same of ordinance #140029: would the proposed city charter even work for anyone but Sly? 2

Our take is the Mayor’s office perceives this is as the next best thing to the Golden Fleece of Kansas City politics: A Strong Mayor Form of Government. Should it be approved by the voters in April it would codify a “divide and conquer” governance policy; a personable mayor would have more opportunities to align council members with his causes/projects, and to ram through budgets the Mayor’s office feels should take precedence over what a city manager has prioritized.

The obvious problem with that is pie-in-the-sky projects like Kansas City P&L District – they’re scheduled to suck up to $20 million from city coffers this year, after taking a minimum of $10 million of taxpayers money every year since their inception. With a the proposed city charter revisions it would be far easier to take the city into costly blunders like that.

We say vote no on the changes come April.

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  1. Not, apparently, an easy question; there are over a couple dozen commenters, most of whom disagree with the ‘answer’, as well as each others answers, the premise of the original question and…well, LoTR people are ‘special’. Go read for yourself.
  2. Had Funk proposed the exact same changes a hue and cry over “that witch meddling again” would have gone up – no way it would have been taken seriously.

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