As long as it didn\’t eat that last slice of pizza…

A fridge has been discovered sending out spam after a web attack managed to compromise smart gadgets.

The fridge was one of more than 100,000 devices used to take part in the spam campaign.

Uncovered by security firm Proofpoint the attack compromised computers, home routers, media PCs and smart TV sets.

The attack is believed to be one of the first to exploit the lax security on devices that are part of the “internet of things“.

Seriously, leave my leftover pizza be.

I don’t care if the fridge spams the TV, has unkind words with the deep freeze or hits the pop-up toaster with innumerable Viagra ads.

Just leave my pizza alone. 1

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  1. And the pot stickers; touch the pot stickers and I will unplug you, Hal.

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