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Saturday February 1st Update: The Support for Joel Nichols & Lisa Teachman FB group just posted a pic of Teachman snuggling up to a goodbye cake the size of a small ice floe…
I am deeply concerned/ angered by the report I have received that Joel Nichols has been terminated at Channel 9. There are so many things wrong with this situation that I am not sure where to begin! For a company that touts itself as being a family oriented and community concerned entity, wanting to be the best in the Kansas City area, this decision is an about face in every one of those areas. The decision/poorly thought out as it is, smells of many of the things that are wrong with big business today. First, there is no loyalty in the work force today towards employees whatsoever, this we see time and time again. I have seen stories done by your station in regards to this very subject. You say you try to champion the little guy, yet you do this. You say you champion the fair treatment of the populous and even have a “9 can help”, department. yet you do this. You say you want to help KC and surrounding areas set the example in community and the general well being of it’s people, yet you do this! Well it would seem that there needs to be a ” We need to step in and help someone at 9″, department. I will be proud to be the leader in this charge!

I would say you would be hard pressed to show any clip from the last 25 plus years that involved community service and being involved with the citizens of KC and not see Joel in the background somewhere. He and Maria were the two original pioneers that started your now famous morning show. He sacrificed his mornings, sleep, not to mention a good portion of his life, much to your benefit! For all of his effort, time and sacrifice, he is rewarded with the new year’s gift of unemployment. I understand that he did not have a degree in the weather arena, this did not detract in any way from the information not getting relayed, or the safety of the viewers being sacrificed, quite the contrary. I don’t mean to detract from any of the other fine people that you have at 9. Our life does not revolve around TV, although my morning information is important and I/we will find it elsewhere.

I have to tell you, Joel Nichols owns Tonganoxie. 1

The outrage quoted above is direct from the Support for Joel Nichols & Lisa Teachman Facebook site, which claims –at last count– 300 members, all of whom are enthusiastic about their continued support for both Joel and Lisa. In a few instances these people are media insiders 2, friends, or have met one or both of the on-air personalities.

But for the most part they are “fans” of KMBC’s erstwhile weather personalities such as we previously noted après l’affaire de Don Harmon. Hell, some of the FBer’s are trying to get Teachman hired on at FOX 4. We wish them well.

For our part? We have already moved on (as we’re sure both Nichols and Teachman 3 have).

Though we have to admit to no little consternation at seeing Erin Little jacked up on the possibility of Snowpocalypse – The Return Redux Redux! at 4:30 AM this morning.

Nobody, N O B O D Y, should be that wired over some light snow landscaping the St. Joseph area. Hell, it could only be an improvement, right?

Were we younger (and much less empathetic) we might continue to watch KMBC in the mornings just to see how long it takes Little to stroke out. As it is we’ll just switch over to BBC America and listen to real news reports.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though someone named Jana Corrie isn’t polling well…
  2. One such insider noted that a KMBC floor director had been instructed to kill Nichols microphone should Joel have tried to say ‘goodbye’ his last evening on air.
  3. Think KMBC will have the TD poised to cut her mic tonight? You know, should she decide to cuss the station out? Or even just acknowledge she’s leaving the station?

5 thoughts on “KMBC Fallout”

  1. TO KMBC-TV..We live apx. 70 miles east of KC have watched kmbc faithfully for years until now and because of what u did to lesa and joel we will be watching another channel with pleasure and hopefully will see lesa and joel soon on fox 4 or on kctv..I must tell u that u let 2 wonderful news people go with ur uncaring act.

  2. I am sure that Joel and Lisa have moved on with their lives already. Of course what would be the alternative? The noise needs to be made though, as these are the people that are just like you and I that make up the fabric of this country. For companies to treat people like this is pure tragedy! The quote you posted is mine, and I stand by it whole heartedly. To do or say nothing would be even more tragic!

    Kerry Putthoff, Tonganoxie

    1. Kerry –

      In some respects, you’re right of course: as a consumer you should speak up when a product doesn’t meet your standards.

      But you must realize that as products news readers –whether they’re national, local or hyper local (think The Pitch), to include the popular by-blow weather personalities– are subject to the same market forces, external polling, and seemingly nonsensical whims of corporate management as any HASBRO product. Perhaps even more so as news and weather readers are notoriously hard to quantify. Scrabble, on the other hand, may not be sexy but it sure sells.

      The nature of the universe is change, which may be why we crave constancy…but immutability is not characteristic of local news/weather programming, hollow teases about ‘a team you can count on’ aside; if cancer survivors were not a Federally protected class Larry Moore would have been dismissed from KMBC years ago. And if KMBC didn’t still believe having a one-time Super Bowl quarterback reading sports results added cachet to their brand, Len Dawson would be just another washed-up ex-jock on the autograph tour.

      The business Nichols and Teachman willingly –if perhaps somewhat naively — entered is as calculating and cold-blooded as those who trade in illegal flesh; personnel decisions are routinely made based on desirability/likability and everyone in the trade knows it.

      The only folks who have yet to catch on are the viewers, firm in their faith that stations like KMBC — or KSHB for that matter — actually care about their audience beyond its total size.

      Please, protest. But for it to be effective you will need about 10,000 people moving away from KMBC – that would effect their rate card.

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