Crackhead Jinx

Hell yeah, Denver wins it! By at least 400 points! Take my word for it…

We recently reviewed famous sports curses: The Curse of the Bambino. The Curse of Coogan’s Bluff. The Madden Curse. The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. The Rodman Curse.

We can now add to those the Crackhead Jinx.

For that’s Ford’s destiny; he’s bound to become a hoary old badger, drug out into the light once a winter to doom a Super Bowl team to ignoble defeat. Years from now, long after the painful memories of Super Bowl XLVIII have faded from Manning’s mind (“Blue ice? Fucking blue ice?! No way that shit fell out of the sky AT JUST THAT MOMENT by accident. Had to be a trick by the Seahawk’s staff, had to be!), the Crackhead Jinx will still be in play.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t don a Chief’s jersey any time soon.

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