Baphomet in Oklahoma

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You will remember a recent item on these pages concerning Satan and Oklahoma? 1 Well, it seems that the Satanic Temple has made some progress – they’ve finalized their monument’s design:

The 7-foot-tall monument would include a goat-headed Baphomet figure sitting cross-legged on a stone slab, flanked by two smiling children. The monument would also include quotes from poets Lord Byron and William Blake…

…After other groups — including PETA and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster — asked for their own displays, the Oklahoma City Capitol Preservation Commission placed a moratorium on new monuments at the statehouse. But the Satanic Temple insists erecting a monument of their own is within their constitutional rights…

The group hopes to raise $20,000 by January 17 2 to build the monument. “We trust that this unique monument will also prove a favorite tourist attraction to Oklahoma’s Capitol for years to come,” Greaves remarked. 3

Baphomet in Oklahoma

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  1. Yes, we know we’re being redundant.
  2. Did and done.
  3. Is it just us or does Baphomet appear to be wearing UnderArmour? Also he doesn’t appear to be sitting “cross-legged”. But aside from that he looks remarkably like the Baphomet who stalked my childhood nightmares. Good times!

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