New Year’s Eve 2013

There are a staggering number of dance opportunities this New Year’s Eve for your average affluent white person. Unfortunately these are the exact folk who should under no circumstances “dance” in public.

Nonetheless, given the amount of free flowing alcohol that will be consumed tonight, these people will at some point decide to get up and “shake it”, to make a few memories: “Woo hoo! Put your arms in the air and… hmmm; how’s that finish?”

Train wreck, just an absolute train wreck. 1

To forestall said city-wide calamity WNBTv is pleased to offer the following instruction dance videos. Be assured we culled through thousands of these to select only the latest and greatest dances vids, dance moves that will make YOU the hit of the party.


This next one may be considered an Advanced Dance, requiring as it does basic rhythm:

Or try the Biker’s SHuffle (much easier):

Or go old school with the Time Warp:

Finally…the ultimate How To Dance guide.

And to end the public portion of the night, there’s the all important New Year’s Eve kiss:

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 1 footnote

  1. No, not the vaunted Kansas City trolley; that’s just going to further deplete Kansas City’s finances.

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