Meanwhile, down in the gutters…

The overnight e-mail was amusing.

It seems Kansas City’s Most Sued Blogger is up to his old tricks, dragging someone’s good name –or allowing his sock puppet commenters to do so — through the gutters. And once again someone has taken exception.

As we understand it the contretemps has to do with a local singer, her performance, and either a published (bad?) review of said performance or a sock puppet comment on same. And apparently the husband of the singer is objecting to the characterizations made of his wife therein.

This is hardly surprising; in the name of free speech Kansas City’s Most Sued Blogger not only allows but encourages the most vile and hateful comments posted this side Town Hall. That’s who he is.

Entertainingly enough, however, the husband of the (putatively) distraught singer has promised to take KCMSB to court. He emailed KCMSB saying so and asked for his address, the better to guide his process server.

Yeah, I know, right? Clueless. But here’s the good part…

It seems one of the commenters posted KCMSB‘s mother’s address (where Louie Wright had successfully served him.)

And KCMSB promptly deleted the information.

We assume this was done in the name of free speech.

Name calling and finger pointing immediately ensued. After some little time the commenter, or another like minded individual, posted the address again. Again it was deleted. Again, in the name of free speech.

Sheesh – we thought irony was our beat.

In any event, we offer our condolences to the husband and wife unlucky enough to come to the attention of KCMSB. Though we wish them luck in their endeavors, sadly there is little we can do by way of assistance.

Free speech trumps all, remember.


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One thought on “Meanwhile, down in the gutters…”

  1. The thing that I find most amazing about this story is that the town’s one string banjo is still plucking the same old tired song. That’s sad and pathetic.

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