The Latest GOP Meme

Have you noticed the modern political consultant resembles nothing so much as a bloated, albino toad?

We suspect it has to do with their fawning relationships to politicians, as well as an innate desire to emulate their “betters”; think Dick Cheney – Karl Rove. Or, closer to home, Mayor James – Jeff Roe. 1 There is a reason the phrase is to toady

And one imagines the worse the consultant’s advice, the more the sycophant flatters, n’est-ce pas? 2

So it makes perfect sense that one of the GOP’s most egregious anurans, Dick Morris, fresh off his latest victory tour 3, is prognosticating a GOP take-over of the Senate.

“We need six seats to win the Senate,” he says. “Three of them, as I’ve said, are easy pickups: West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana. All three of them have retiring Democratic incumbents, very strong Republican candidates and very weak Democrats running for the seat.” Morris said the real test will come in four crucial states: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

We suppose the GOP’s paunchy pundit could be right: too many Dems have washed their hands of the ACA lest they be seen as infected. And since the ACA is the only significant piece of legislation to come out of Congress (in forever) it’s difficult to see the Dems have much to recommend themselves.

Thus, with results-based voting merely a quaint abstract these days, it will come down to mobilizing both party’s faithful, making promises (spewing lies) neither side has any intention (or ability) to keep, and bombarding the air waves with ad after ad after ad after…

In other words…plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Maybe this whole Occupy Congress idea is a hair off. Maybe what we need to do is head down to the pond for a day of toad sticking. 4

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. Said dynamic should tell you everything you need to know about current American politics; we would argue, nay, guarantee the public at large doesn’t think of politicians as their “betters”.
  2. Think Rove’s horrendous 2012 outcomes, or Roe’s recent lack of translational foreknowledge.
  3. Disney World; they will accept anyone with cash or credit cards.
  4. Will add this to WNBTv‘s original Modest Proposal.

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