Kauffman Center

Early Sunday evening we motored downtown to see The Nutcracker.

Nora and the Astas outdid themselves, so radiant they handily outshone all the lesser lights in attendance. 1 The performance itself was wonderful 2 and the Kansas City Symphony inspiring. The entire night was truly a delight.

A word about the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

This was our first visit 3 and we were in awe.

Leading up to and throughout the Kauffman Center’s construction was an inordinate amount of chatter over whether the hundreds of millions spent on the building might better be invested in something more concrete 4, or more socially responsible 5, or even more proletariat. 6 Leaving aside the monies spent were from private sources 7, those were short-sighted quibbles. The Center is magnificent, world-class really. 8

The Kauffman Center is easily worth its cost. If only as a reminder that we must look beyond our petty parochialism, that we must aspire to dream and change. That we must realize that life is not about simple survival, but also how we survive. We must at once be eager to contend with life and just as committed to sharing a cup of poison with a reluctant  lover.  Else we might as well crawl back to the seas.

The Kauffman Center is a glorious addition to the ancient line of stewards serving those ideals. Long may she shine.

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Show 8 footnotes

  1. With the possible exception of one willowy, Nordic blond beauty who had opted for black yoga pants. Yowsa.
  2. We even got to see the MLS Cup as Sporting’s Seth Sinovic had a cameo during the Christmas party – his main job was to intermingle with the “guests” and family until he exited stage right, cradling the silver trophy in his arms like an overweight but well-loved baby. Well played, Sporting!
  3. Kids: we absolutely refrained from visiting them upon an unsuspecting public in venues they were sure to disrupt simply by being kids. We believe that unfair to both the Astas as well as the great unwashed masses. If only more people felt that way…that’s right, I’m looking at you, Lady With Squalling Baby, Level 7, Row DZ, left-center seats. Babies, indeed any child under the age of five should be left at home instead of allowed to annoy patrons of the ballet, the opera, the symphony, for Thor’s Sake even at the latest Ironman movie! What is wrong with you people? Have you no consideration for anyone but yourselves?
  4. There’s sufficient concrete in the assbackwards ziggurats of the Kauffman Center to do Frank Lloyd Wright proud.
  5. Yet another plea from the Kansas City school district for more and more and more money.
  6. Tickets to any performance can be had for $30. While I understand that may be a stretch for some folks, it is still doable.
  7. And, thus, all arguments over other uses for the capital moot.
  8. I had to do some horrendous things for Uncle Sam to earn the ‘privilege’, but I have seen Marcel Marceau in Frankfurt’s Opera House (as well as symphonies in the restored Old Opera), attended ballet performances in both Le Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille, witnessed Tristan and Isolde performed at both the Vienna Opera house and Thé tre Antique d’Orange. Hell, one particularly cold February I snuck into the New York Met to hear one of the last performances of Fausto Cleva as Klytämnestra. Trust me when I say the Center is a world class facility.

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