KANSAS CITY (AP) — The Kansas City school board will file a lawsuit to stop the state from enforcing a student transfer law while the Kansas City district’s case for provisional accreditation is still pending, the board’s president said yesterday.

Kansas City school board President Airick Leonard West said yesterday at a news conference that the lawsuit is needed to “protect our scholars from chaos,” The Kansas City Star reported.

West said the district would be seeking the injunction today because of a Missouri Supreme Court ruling this week that upheld a state law that would allow students in the unaccredited Kansas City district to transfer to any

To protect our scholars from chaos.

We at WNBTv are conversant with irony. You might even say we specialize in it. Hell, it’s part of our header: “now with less irony.” So let us state with certitude that we know irony.

Airick West, however, is clueless. 1

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  1. But you knew that, n’est-ce pas?

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