The Great Flood

Seriously, the Great Flood?

And this justifies the continued despoiling of the planet? We’re surprised the jackass didn’t just flat out state that fucking up the earth had the blessing of Gawd.

What the fuck is it with the religous right? 1 2

We’re not convinced.

And not only because these idiots always seem to be involved in some ‘truther’ movement: the latest being the ‘mini-nuke theory’ concerning the Twin Towers.

What, you haven’t read the inside dope?

Watch, read and weep. All this shit is one thing, my friends.


WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Besides money, we mean.
  2. The mater notes –seriously, we believe — that  Genesis 1:26–28 expressly gives man Dominion over the earth. Indeed, it is his birthright. Add in the twin tines of thought that a.) the End Times are approaching anyhoo, and b.) Gawd said the next time would be by fire (which the  climate scientists have been screaming about for over two decades but let’s not listen to them, oh noooooooooooo) so there are those who believe we ought to milk the planet for everything it’s worth before we all combust. In other words…party likeit’s 1999.

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