Because WNBTv knows you’ve worried about GMOs over the holidays, here’s the latest GMO news:

The number of scientists, physicians and legal experts who have signed the group statement, “No scientific consensus on GMO safety” has climbed to 231 in just over a week – and it’s still growing.

The number of initial signatories stood at almost 100 on the day the statement was released, 21 October. It has more than doubled since.

A recent signatory is Dr Belinda Martineau, former member of the Michelmore Lab at the UC Davis Genome Center, University of California, who helped commercialise the world’s first GM whole food, the Flavr Savr tomato. Dr Martineau said:

“I wholeheartedly support this thorough, thoughtful and professional statement describing the lack of scientific consensus on the safety of genetically engineered (GM) crops and other GM organisms (also referred to as GMOs). Society’s debate over how best to utilize the powerful technology of genetic engineering is clearly not over. For its supporters to assume it is, is little more than wishful thinking.”

And earlier this month Whole Foods exiled Chonai Yogurt for failing to note the GMO additives on its labeling; Syria and Ghana have started pushing back against GMOs; Uganda weighs in; hell, even the world’s slackest slackers are getting involved. 1

What will ultimately decide the question will be capitalism, though in this case as practised by China, and abetted by the Conservative’s bete noir, Sen. Feinstein.

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  1. Sorta, and only if you count surfing as a form of protest.

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