Red Light Cameras Redux Redux

It’s not like we didn’t mention KC’s red light cameras were illegal. You know…in 2009. And still most Kansas City officials seem surprised:

City Manager Troy Schulte and other city officials said this week’s ruling caught them off guard because it contradicted an earlier ruling, from the same appeals court, upholding a law very similar to Kansas City’s.

“We’re still trying to figure out what all our options are,” Schulte said.

As we noted waaaaaaay back when, at a minimum Kansas City –as well as Ellisville and other Missouri cities, towns and villes — need to recraft their ordinances to come into compliance with state law. As well as now figure out how to pay back a boat-load of money. Though there Kansas City has already adopted a hard-line stance:

Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court Administrator Megan Pfannenstiel confirmed that if the appeals court ruling stands, citizens who pay the fine won’t get their money back.

“If they do pay it, they are pleading guilty and they will not receive any refunds,” said Pfannenstiel.

Now how does that work? Kansas City can keep monies obtained because people were forced to plead “guilty” to an illegal law? 1 If that’s the case I should be able to keep any monies obtained from the elderly by swindling them exagerating promised returns on a imaginary monetary investment, correct? What, pray tell, is the difference the two behaviors – intent? Pshaw: in both cases the intent is to transfer wealth.

This mess is headed to the State Supremes.

If we were The Pitch, or any other official muckraker 2, we would start investigating now whether those berobed individuals have any ties to American Traffic Solutions, past or present. 3

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Show 3 footnotes

  1.  IF…the Missouri Appeals Court ruling stands, which we believe it will.
  2. And by ‘official muckraker’ we mean organizations with actual budgets.
  3. Nah, we’re not saying state Supreme Court justices can be bought off by a simple business…any more than Justice Roberts could be bought off by megacorporations in Citizens United.

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