New Path to Excellence

The New Path to Excellence is Missouri’s accredited school districts’ attempt to defend against the impending onslaught of intractable inner city kids — predominantly black — about to disorder their tidy plaid-skirted and letter-jacketed halls.

It is also the desperate, last-ditch effort to kick the ‘what do we do with education’ can down the road: if the superintendents can somehow get buy-off from the state education commission and implement their “ideas”, no one will have to deal with the ugly realities of long failing school systems. Well, at least the proposing superintendents won’t.

However the failing districts will be in exactly the same long occupied position 1 as before – up Brush Creek without a paddle. Which is patently unfair.

Something needs to actually be done.

It occurs to us this endless cycle of being shocked, shocked to find that everything but education is going on in the non-accredited districts, followed by the inevitable blue-nosed tut-tuting, tsk-tsking and harrumphing of editorial writers, clueless civic leaders and other ne’er-do-wells will only end when we face certain truths.

One of those facts has to do with who we are. Since the Civil War Missouri has been a “border state”, populated by a people tending nearly equally to both sides of the larger questions of the day. That status appears to hold today.

But it is time for a change.

If Missourians believe — as seems blindingly obvious — the education of our future farm hands, manual day laborers and fast-food employees is just not worth a concerted effort (much less the billions of investment dollars needed), let’s just stop even the pretense of teaching them. We can agree stoop laborers don’t need education past 6th grade; convenience store and fast food clerks total purchases using cash register buttons emblazoned with product pictures, not dollars and cents – addition, shmaddition; the guys directing traffic while their buddies lay concrete, fix broken water/sewer pipes and mend fiber/cable lines don’t need to be musing over Pirate Prentice’s banana pancakes – all they really need to know is what cars look like; the people selling handfuls of two foot long two inch thick Pixie Stix in the middle of busy intersections? Hell they obviously lack basic survival skills, much less the ability to function cognitively at the higher levels. 2 No, education beyond learning to write their names and interpret tickets is sufficient unto the day.

Why force these future draught horses, hobos, junkies and sex workers into a (endlessly documented) failed ‘educational’ system that serves neither them, us or the state? To keep up the pretense we ‘care’ about these kids’ future? What a hoot: if we cared we’d elect only officials (at all levels) who would enact legislation aimed at leveling the economic playing field for everyone in the country.

But we don’t do that.

In fact we do the exact opposite and appoint politicians who guarantee, both by deed and action, to retain the status quo.

As that’s the case let’s for once be bold, take the initiative and lead the country into the future…by returing to the past. Let us institute an apprentice system for the dead-enders (as easily defined by IRS reporting figures: any children above the age of 11 from a family of 4 reporting gross annual income of LTE $40,000 p/a, or, more commonly, any kid above 11 on the free and reduced lunch program), instead of continuing to funnel them into a dysfunctional, resource draining “educational” track.

The obvious monetary savings would be tremendous: less outlay for infrastructure, busses, lunches, milk, teachers, useless administrators…the list is endless.

For those worried about the cost of the apprentice system, relax: you take a page from the agriculture community of America and pay all apprentices their state’s average prevailing wage for illegal aliens.

Education problem solved. 3

While it may not be a new path to excellence, it is an honest workable answer to a question no one dares ask. 4

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. In Kansas City’s case, since ’99.
  2. That would be anything above breathing…
  3. This also has the side benefit of keeping kids off the streets, especially at night. Under this apprentice system it will be mandatory to work these kids 10 hours a day. The  more manual labor, the better; they’ll be too tired to raise hell in the evenings.
  4. Join us next week when WNBTv addresses the “Jewish problem.”

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