The Nazis are coming; the Nazis are coming! 1

Certain portions of Kansas City are all het up that the (neo) Nazis are headed our way: apparently the world will come to an immediate and ugly end should this particular subgenus of ultra maroons be publicly afforded their 1st Amendment rights.

Or, worse, people will somehow believe Kansas City ‘morally‘ supports the sort of vague racism toward illegal immigrants and blacks (who “poison” the white community) that (neo) Nazis embrace. Not to mention, you know…Holocaust!


These things are always a let-down: very rarely is there any good, old-fashioned fisticuffs or baton-across-the-noggin violence, rather just a buncha people end up yelling at each other. There’s more entertaining stuff available any Saturday night when the kids invade the Plaza.

Memphis went through something similar just this summer and they were as wound up about it as Kansas City is.

Check out the vid: it’s waaaaaay anticlimactic, but, you know… Expect an ending like Memphis this Saturday night. But minus the Crips…and substituting cold for rain.

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Starring Alan Arkin…again.

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