The site FBomb.co maps in real time whenever the F-word is dropped on Twitter. America and Britain are leaders in cursing online, according to the interactive map, with New Yorkers tagged as the biggest offenders.

Thanks to its creator Martin Gingras, a junior at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, the map not only tracks the F-bombs as they happen, but also features pins that can be clicked to see a tweet and who tweeted it. On Twitter, @FBomb_co retweets random tweets that make up the map.


F-bombs – whodathunk?

The map shows the entire tweet, along with links (should any be present.)

Knockoffs are a certainty: it’s like, you know, fer shure that like some, you know, frustrated old will like code a real time map of you know, like whenever people like use the term ‘like’ in their tweets…

Which all by itself will bring down the fuckin innernetz.

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