3 Replies to “DST”

  1. I am pretty sure a man (or a woman) can get elected president just on this one issue.
    What do you think about the war on terror?
    I don’t but if you vote for me I’ll abolish the DST!
    You just got my vote!

    (that and taking away holidays from federal employees that other people have to work).

    1. Think you’re right on the DST Platform; set up a Super PAC for your candidacy and I’ll donate…

      Think you got the Fed holidays thing wrong though – your platform should be to extend those same paid holidays to everyone else in America.

      To seal the deal promise if you’re elected to immediately incarcerate (for no less than 5 years…at a Super Max) anyone dining in public who chews with their mouth open. You’ll win in a landslide.

      1. people vote out of spite more eagerly than for anything other reason. I am totally right on my federal holiday platform.
        I will throw in the open mouth amendment.
        Also public beating for burnt popcorn.

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