Ted Cruz Insanity

Sen. Ted Cruz during a closed-door lunch on Wednesday argued to his Republican colleagues that the campaign he led to defund Obamacare has bolstered the GOP’s political position in dealing with the government shutdown.

Republicans who attended the weekly lunch hosted by Senate conservatives confirmed that Cruz presented a poll that the Texan paid for. Cruz’ pollster, Chris Perkins, was there for a portion of the discussion to help walk members through the poll and discuss the party’s messaging strategy. Perkins is a partner with Wilson Perkins Allen, a GOP polling firm with dozens of Republican clients.

The survey’s findings mirrored other national polls: More voters blame the Republicans for the government shutdown than blame President Obama or the Democrats. But Cruz argued, based on the poll, that Republicans are in a much better position than they were during the 1995 shutdown because this impasse is defined by a disagreement over funding for the Affordable Care Act as opposed to a general disagreement over government spending.

Talk about taking lemons and making mescaline-laced absinthe. 1

Ted Cruz is insane. Or he finally realizes the perhaps unscalable depth of the hole he dug himself last week. 2

On the other hand…

Ted Cruz paid for the poll. So of course it’s going to take an Alice in Wonderland slant on the facts. But the important point is Ted Cruz paid for the poll.

Where does a freshman Representative, just elected six months ago, get that sort of money? Why, from campaign contributions of course. What campaign ? Why…for president; what are you thinking? And he established his platform last week with his 21 hour speech on the House floor.

Bet the Tea Bagger money just flowed in. Which should add to the 2016 “fun.”

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. The GOP is making decisions based on crap interpretations of polls like this? Holy shit – NOW do you understand why the country’s fucked?
  2. Both possibilities are not, one supposes, necessarily mutually exclusive.

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