A Social Pass

So the Kansas City school district wants, in essence, a social “pass”?

One expects that would work as well as it has for the thousands of children they “passed” out of their schools.

The simple fact is the KC school district is dysfunctional, has been for decades; keeping it intact only perpetuates that dysfunction. It’s time to radically downsize the district and entirely uproot the bureaucracy. Yes, the outlying schools will have to take extra kids and the KCSD will have to cough up the DESE money for each of those kids. Waaah. Until a workable system replaces the KC district such an exodus appears the children’s most viable option.

If Dr. Green truly held the education of the city’s children above all else he would not litigate the commission’s (putative) decision to not accredit the district and let his children go. Yes, I said let his children go; they are slaves to others’ egos, greed and willful blindness.

Ket the children go.

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