2 thoughts on “Shutdown Day 9”

  1. you know, after Sebelius went on a (friendly) Daily Show and looked like a complete moron repeating the same thing over and over and never answered the question why it was OK to postpone Obamacare for businesses but not individuals, I am starting to think that republicans might have something. if I was a republican in congress, I would pass the budget with a provision that no one gets excepted, not unions, not business, not any special cases. and then sit back and watch unions stab Obama to death.

    1. Agreed: Sebelius did herself, and the Dems, no favors with that obvious bit of stonewalling. She would have been better off admitting the reason that the administration would not except individuals is they’re afraid — rightly: 40 attempts at repealing the law in one session? — the GOP would use the intervening time to kill the ACA. That goal, along with shutting down the government to achieve it, have been a long term goal of the GOP’s.

      The ACA will have issues and need to be adjusted; every social program of any worth has always been an iterative effort. But to try and kill a program that now covers 40 million previously uninsured people is farcial; to hold the government hostage to do so is Kafkaesque.

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