Shutdown Day 8

Here on Shutdown Day 8 the lawn of the Charles manse has been edged, mown, over seeded and then fertilized. The shrubbery has been whacked, all leaves corralled and the gutter sludge hosed out. 1

Heavy stuff was toted, other cumbersome stuff was baled. A whole buncha useless stuff was moved around in the basement, though only a lack of discernibly increased floor space seemed the end result. But it looks cleaner. 2

In short, my back aches.

Which put me in mind of the condo in Breckenridge: both dry and steam saunas are available, as well as a large hot tub. And of course a gym.

A soak in the hot tub, followed by a steam sauna, would put me right in no time. Without? I’m guessing –should I not overexert myself tomorrow — my back will mend by Friday. 3

But you need at least one towel to use these facilities, more often two or three.

Which is why I have such sympathy for congressional House members who have been forced — though no fault of their own! 4 — to not only pick up their own towels, but to also launder them, due to that service being curtailed at their private gym.

Alaskan Representative Don Young of Alaska (R) explains the dire need for members of Congress to have a gym:

“This job is very stressful and if you don’t have a place to vent, you are going to go crazy and that’s why I’ve used it all these years.”

Representative Young joined the gym in 1973. 5

Makes you realize just how many sacrifices our Congressmen make for the good of the country, doesn’t it? Thor bless ‘em.

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. Though that last bit is a tad optimistic, even for me; it might have to do with the weed I was baking my head with this afternoon. Or it might not…yeah, who am I kidding – it totally was.
  2. At least that’s what Nora said. But, hell, she often humors me for reasons inscrutable, so it’s really hard to tell. Just go with it – I do.
  3. Hate to say it but one of the disadvantages of aging is you do tend to heal more slowly.
  4. Unless you consider that the House shut down the government and therefore their own towel service. In which case, yeah, they are totally at fault.
  5. But only uses it for a couple of months right after New Year’s.

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