Shutdown Day 7

If you paid no attention to Washington, DC, over the weekend 1 you may be surprised to learn that the Scrotum of Tea Baggers turned the entire federal government into one massive entitlement program.

That’s right. The GOP voted over the weekend to pay all 800,000 federal employees currently not working. Those Feds are not working, we would remind you, because the Scrotum of Tea Baggers shutdown the government in a massive hissy fit over the Affordable Care Act.

Which means that today, Shutdown Day 7, I’m being paid to blog. 2

Actually it means I’ve been paid to blog since last Tuesday. More specifically it means the American taxpayer has subsidized this blog since last Tuesday. 3 For which you can, and really should, thank your local Republican Representative.

If you can find one, that is. Chances are Republican House members not hiding under their beds (with their cash) are doing one of three things: severely castigating Ted Cruz 4, sitting quietly in indoctrination classes absorbing the latest talking points, or actually spouting the latest talking points.

Which I believe goes something like this: “We’re not gonna give in unless we get something. We’re not sure what that might be, but we gotta have sumthin’. so there!”

One of the more intriguing things about the Innernetz is how it presents users with the ability to peruse the same fairy tale story time and again, with only the slightest variations, one that conforms to their beliefs, and to read and reread that story without ever being aware of dissenting opinions.

So it is that die-hard Tea Bagger supporters will believe that their Scrotum in WDC are holding fast, totally unaware (or disbelieving) that their leaders have not only surrendered the hostages, they’ve put down their weapons and are now running on nerve and stupidity alone. 5 Which ought to be exciting.

Come back tomorrow – I’ll probably post another item about it.

Got nothing else to do.

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. Always a sound policy.
  2. Well, I also intend to repurpose a 10 year old IBM ThinkPad, maybe load Ubuntu on it. Something like that; just enough OS to host a browser with which the Astas can reach their special math, German and English practice web sites. Yes, I know it’s not an iPad. Yes, I know every 5 year old in the neighborhood has their own iPad, but the Astas will just have to make do. Hell, you can only use iPads for artistic shit; what if some Sam Stranger tries to nab you off the street – what are you going to do, slap him with your iPad? Hell, he’d just giggle. Nail the bastard with a ThinkPad though and you will damn well knock him out. There’s more to life than just art, that’s all I’m saying.
  3. It may seem as though the American taxpayer subsidizes this blog on a near daily basis. That is not true: WordPress has a scheduler that I utilize every evening.
  4. Where castigate equals ‘repeatedly pummeling about the head and shoulders”.
  5. Though, frankly, stupidity was always a BIG part of the Scrotum’s plan.

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