Shutdown: Day 4

Shutdown: Day 4 breaks to grey skies and a cloudy outlook in WDC. The Scrotum of Tea Baggers have redefined compromise as a means of rallying around their central idee fixe:

Democrats keep talking about our refusal to compromise. They don’t realize our compromise is defunding Obamacare. We actually want to repeal it.

They keep using that word. We do not think it means what they think it means.

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It has been obvious for over a decade the Republic has been headed to hell in a hand basket; we are just now realizing the odious fruit of said heedless traipsing.

It will only worsen from this point forward. The most extreme Republicans all arrived in Congress from gerrymandered districts thereby immunizing them from the dreaded Democratic voting process. Their singular fear is that someone even more foaming-at-the-mouth mad than themselves will snatch their seat.

The only reason the Republic is not yet in worse disarray is because, as we’ve mentioned, Ted Cruz is an egotistical idiot – he had no endgame.

So how is the shutdown resolved? Not easily.

As we’ve seen the Scrotum of Tea Baggers have their hand firmly up Boehner’s backside driving the shutdown have little inclination to stand down; their sole intent is to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Moreover there does not appear to be a single courageous Republican in the House willing to stand up to these bullies. Certainly no GOP presidential aspirant will cross them – that would be certain death in the primaries.

Conversely should the president cave to the Scrotum’s blackmail, it would effectively end his presidency. Besides, America’s base stance is to never negotiate with terrorists and now is not the time to violate that principle.

Hence — short of Boehner growing some balls and actually leading his House membership — we’re in for a long bumpy ride.

This will be compounded and complicated by the coming strife over the debt ceiling.

There is some worry that the Scrotum may play for a constitutional crisis. Having witnessed the depths to which they will sink after not being afforded their own petty ways, it would not surprise me. Certainly should the House impeach the president –which they would dearly love to do — it would further the Scrotum’s goal of retarding any further social progress. ’cause, you know – let ’em eat Twinkies!

Which would, again, effectively end Obama’s presidency.

We started a small project a couple of years ago that we think it’s high time to revisit: crap like this does not go on long in a parliamentary system. At least it doesn’t without the current government dissolving.

Which is far more harmonious a solution than the courts, which is where it appears we’re headed next.

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