Shutdown: Day 3

Meanwhile on Day 3 of The Scrotum of Tea Baggers’ Shutdown of America, the raping, pillaging and looting continues unabated:

Nor did anyone know that part of Raimondo’s strategy for saving money involved handing more than $1 billion – 14 percent of the state fund – to hedge funds, including a trio of well-known New York-based funds: Dan Loeb’s Third Point Capital was given $66 million, Ken Garschina’s Mason Capital got $64 million and $70 million went to Paul Singer’s Elliott Management. The funds now stood collectively to be paid tens of millions in fees every single year by the already overburdened taxpayers of her ostensibly flat-broke state. Felicitously, Loeb, Garschina and Singer serve on the board of the Manhattan Institute, a prominent conservative think tank with a history of supporting benefit-slashing reforms. The institute named Raimondo its 2011 “Urban Innovator” of the year.

…Here’s what this game comes down to. Politicians run for office, promising to deliver law and order, safe and clean streets, and good schools. Then they get elected, and instead of paying for the cops, garbagemen, teachers and firefighters they only just 10 minutes ago promised voters, they intercept taxpayer money allocated for those workers and blow it on other stuff. It’s the governmental equivalent of stealing from your kids’ college fund to buy lap dances. In Rhode Island, some cities have underfunded pensions for decades. In certain years zero required dollars were contributed to the municipal pension fund. “We’d be fine if they had made all of their contributions,” says Stephen T. Day, retired president of the Providence firefighters union. “Instead, after they took all that money, they’re saying we’re broke. Are you fucking kidding me?

This next gem has me befuddled; apparently –as part of my job as an Anerican citizen — I have demanded a whole slew of things of which I have no recall. At least, I have done so according to this Representative. And he should know, n’est-ce pas? Hell, what with the shutdown and all I expect I’ll come up a slew of other things (I don’t remember) to demand of Congress…

Read of the Day:

If you peruse nothing else today make time for Seymour Hersh’s scathing indictment of the media – it is laser accurate.

Christ on the Cross…sans the adoration:

Next time you consider elevating a local pol to the national level, ask yourself what character traits do you prize in your elected officials?

“…my focus — and, I would hope, the focus of the rest of the conference — is on stopping Harry Reid’s shutdown, ensuring that vital government priorities are funded, and preventing the enormous harms that Obamacare is inflicting on millions of Americans.”

If your response was dimwitted megalomania combined with a Savior complex, perhaps you should just slowly step away from the voting booth.

Informed Comment: Juan Cole puts Ted Cruz’s ego into proper perspective.

On a couple of lighter notes:

The next Hobbit flic is out this December; if I start saving my pennies now I may even be able to see it in theaters then.

IKEA is set to sell solar panels for homes in Britain soon. We can but hope by the time their store over in Jebus Land opens they’ll be available there as well.

Finally, I went looking for Google’s Debussy Doodle and ran across a treasure trove. Enjoy.

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