Ponte Tower

“This was the challenge. Going to Ponte Tower in the middle of downtown Jo’Burg. A 70’s architectural monstrosity from the outside that houses an astonishing dystopian science fiction atrium. For quite some time THE place to live in the city, if you were anyone you lived in the massive 3 story penthouses with roof jacuzzis. Post democracy, it turned into something quite different.”

Ponte Tower

WNBTv - Good TV!

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    1. Wasn’t home this weekend: horseback riding with Asta Jr for Brownies; Halloween themed fund raiser for the school; then in the office to make up for time lost by the scrotum of tea baggers…

      Also, this bourdain guy? While I’m not up to speed on all the cultural stuff seems to me he runs a resturant in New Orleans, right? WTF?

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