Josh Groban

A review of last evening’s Josh Groban concert:

Asta (10 going on 32, sometimes reverting all the way back to 8): “Josh was really cool we got to meet him backstage and he was really cool he hugged us all and asked about our ballet and took pictures with us though Ms. Prima Donna’s cell phone took these AWFUL pictures we’re all shaking in them like we have whatsitcalled anyhow Josh was cool oh oh oh and I had cotton candy I called Dad and he said it was alright it was sooooooooooo good and I wanted to buy a key chain it was just THIS big but it still cost ten dollars so I didn’t buy it I did see a jacket I wanted but it cost SIXTY dollars can you believe that and it didn’t even have Josh’s picture on it so I didn’t buy it…the music? it was good don’t know what kind it was but it was okay at first this girl came out? and sang some songs that were okay and when she was done that was when we went to get cotton candy! then Josh sang and it was soooooooooo cool can’t wait to tell everyone at school tomorrow! then it was over and we went down and up and down and up the escalators until Ms. Prima Donna said stop then Dad picked me up outside with Ms. Prima Donna even though where you dropped us off? it was all closed down the entire street was closed so I was afraid Dad couldn’t find us but he did and Ms. prima Donna said he was even a little early 1 and Ms. Prima Donna walked me across the street there were ALL TEHSE CARS there it was amazing almost no one was moving just cars and cars and cars but Dad just drove right by them fast but not scary fast like he does when he’s taking us to school then we were home can I have a piece of toast?”

Josh Groban

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  1. I tend to arrive 10 to 5 minutes early everywhere; Nora is not nearly as, you might say, punctual. It makes for a special frission in our joint appearances.

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