Chris McDaniel For Grand Wizard

mcdanielconfederateflag630Chris McDaniel is taking the “GOP Civil War” to a new level. Two months ago, the tea party-backed Mississippi Senate candidate addressed a neo-Confederate conference and costume ball hosted by a group that promotes the work of present-day secessionists and contends the wrong side won the “war of southern independence.” Other speakers at the event included a historian who believes Lincoln was a Marxist and Ryan Walters, a PhD candidate who worked on McDaniel’s first political campaign and wrote recently that the “controversy” over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate “hasn’t really been solved.”

…in case you’re tempted to believe, even for a minute, the GOP has any other goal than forcibly returning us to a pre-Civil War society.

Chris McDaniel is just one of the bolder Tea Baggers, not afraid to stand up for slavery.

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