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Yesterday while watching the Golden Buffs win their last game of the 2013 season 1 I also perused the following article on the Star’s web site: Suicide rate climbs by 30% in Kansas.

Though it’s not mentioned in the news item, I blame MU.

Specifically Missouri’s leaving the Bevo X for greener (SEC) pastures. Remember the local upshot of that breakup? Kansas and K-State diss’d the move, claiming MU would fail big time and that they –the true blue Bevo X schools — wouldn’t have anything to do with the Tigers from that point forward. Who needs them, areweright?

And last year, when MU initially lost it’s way in those eastern ranges, KU and K-State felt vindicated in their harsh assessments. Indeed statements from those schools approached the obnoxiously righteous.

Well, say ‘hello’ to 2013.

Now the Tigers are close to joining the crème de la crème, the new big cats in the big conference.

KU and K-State? They’ve returned to their historical place in the thoroughly average Bevo X as afterthoughts, nuaght but guaranteed wins in Texas, OU and OSU’s schedules.

That’s a platter full of crow to have to eat. Again. And again and again and…

The majority of that 30% rise in suicides took place in JoCo. 2 And where do KU and K-State alums almost universally chose to live? JoCo.

Hell…move, people.

Leave the benighted state of Kansas, land of religious terrorism 3, a place where the most followed Twitter feed is called Kansas Problems and the most commonly served food is atrazine. Move somewhere, anywhere 4 and get another perspective on life. It’s not like you’re legally obligated to root for crap football teams.

Move and save your own life.

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. Google offers some remarkable sports packages, including the ever popular Div I Colleges With No Hope package.
  2. Second highest rate occurred in Sedgwick County, home to Wichita: enough said.
  3. Which comes in many forms: the Phelps cult, Phill Kline (even now), The Kansas Board of Education (in perpetuity.)
  4. Yes, even Missouri. At least our suicide rate is stable (and much lower) and occurs mostly on the east side of Kansas City and St. Louis; yes, willful ignorance and arogance counts — in many cases — as suicide.

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