Best Dressed

Best Dressed?
David Bowie seen here dressed for a quick trip to the local Wimpy’s

They may want to rethink this one:

DAVID BOWIE has been crowned the best dressed Briton in history. The musician came top of the BBC History magazine’s shortlist, which is chosen by various historians, fashion experts and curators.

Mind you, this is England we’re talking about – land of the bespoke suit, bespoke shoes, quite possibly bespoke boxers. 1 One imagines the tailors along Savile Row are quietly gnashing their teeth this morning at the indignity. It’s as if the America Dental Association had bestowed the title of Best Teeth on England. 2

And who was the runner-up?

Bowie – whose recent V&A retrospective was the fastest-selling exhibition in the museum’s history – won 48.5 per cent of public votes. He was followed by Queen Elizabeth I in second place.

Whoa! Rock on, Britain.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. It makes a difference how one dresses (ladies – ask your man on which side he dresses for clarification.)
  2. Well, anywhere in Europe actually. But you take the point.

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