2013 ALCS Game 2

David Ortiz. 1

2013 ALCS Game 2: Boston 6, Detroit 5

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  1. Sometime when I wasn’t looking, and probably snuck in with other more outrageous tradition-destroying moves (Bud Sleig, Bud Selig, Bud Selig), MLB started wearing long pants. Gone are the time honored stirrup socks worn by every baseball player of every age until…I would guess the last decade or so? I know I quit personally going to Royals games in ’94, right after Walmart fired McRae for being, you know, a winning coach, so maybe it was about then MLB went to the bellbottom pants look. Can I mention something? The over-long, baggy belled pants look is shabby. It looks like grown men playing a game in their pajama bottoms. Now this is just my opinion, which was undoubtedly exacerbated by the twitchy, scraggly looking junky (who exhibited all the classic tells save for nodding off) Detroit had pitching last night, but…really? MLB can’t do better than this?

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