2013 ALCS Game 1

Without delving yet again into the whole “letters to knees” strike zone issue, let us say this about that: the Red Sox deserved to lose.

Until Daniel Nava had a real at bat in the 9th — protecting the plate, making contact, doing what he had to stay alive, regardless of what he thought about the ump’s calls — the rest of the Sox acted like little bitches.

The ump consistently gave the pitchers the outside of the plate all night long.

Yet the Sox batters consistently acted like a swing to guard the plate was too onerous, their eye/judgment too infallible, to bother swinging at a pitch millimeters off the plate.

Fucking bearded sissies.

The Sox keep ‘playing’ like that and it’ll be a quick series.

2013 ALCS Game 1: Detroit 1, Boston 0

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