WNBTv offers the following Q&A to keep you apprised on the government’s impending shutdown:

1. Why would the government shutdown?

Congress has been hi-jacked by a bunch of domestic terrorists known as A Scrotum of Tea Baggers. The Tea Baggers have decided that their one key duty –as mandated by the Constitution — to enact and pass the spending bills that fund the government should be held hostage to their latest conniption fit over the Affordable Care Act.

2. What do you mean?

A Scrotum of Tea Baggers has taken over the House Republicans and now are demanding the FY14 spending bill(s) 1 include anti-Affordable Care Acts amendments, to which Senate Democrats are disinclined to acquiesce.

3. How is the Affordable Care Act tied to funding the government?

It isn’t at all. Instead the Scrotum of Tea Baggers has decided to blackmail the Senate Democrats and the rest of America by refusing to fund the government unless the Senate agrees to defund the law. The lead Tea Bagger, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who may be familiar to you due to his inflated sense of self importance, believes the Affordable Health Care Act should not be law, despite the Scrotum of Tea Baggers failure to repeal said law 40 times this year alone. Tea Bagger Cruz abhors providing all people with health care such that he’s willing to risk a government shutdown.

4. Why does Tea Bagger Cruz object to the Affordable Care Act?

Cruz despises the part of the law that requires all Americans to have health insurance. Cruz believes that will ‘hurt’ employers. Cruz also believes that the ACA, unlike the national taxation system, is an overreach on the part of the federal government.

5. What’s do the Democrats say?

They say the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, the GOP had 40 tries at appealing the law and that the Scrotum of Tea Baggers should sit down, shut up and do the serious business they were unaccountably elected for.

6. What ‘s happening right now?

The Senate will meet at 2 p.m. ET today. Whereupon it will do as it has consistently said it would, reject any  amendments to defund the ACA. The Senate will then send its version of the bill — one without any changes to Affordable Care Act — back to the House.

7. Then what?

Speculation among WDC insiders is that the House Rethugs will then deliberately send yet another bill to the Senate including riders to strip the Affordable Care Act of money and maybe even its bubble gum.

Which the Senate will again reject.

8. If nothing changes, does the government shutdown?


9. How the hell does that work?

It’s been in-process for two weeks – workers will be deemed essential or non-essential. Essential workers continue to carry water; non-essential workers go home.  Each Department and Agency makes up their plans – one such list of plans can be found here. Others are equally easy to find.

10. How many government workers could be furloughed?

Roughly 800,000 workers will be idled if the government does a shutdown.

11. What will this do to the economy?

What the hell do you think it will do? If the shutdown is short (3-5 days) the impact to the economy will be relatively mild. Should the shutdown approach ’96 levels (21 days), well…think about it: nearly a million individuals who won’t be purchasing anything but essentials during that timeframe, then attempting to dig themselves out of a financial hole afterward.

Don’t expect as robust Christmas sales this year, is all we’re saying.

12. How will this affect me?

Wait and see. Then bitch about it.

If you’re old, your SS checks will still arrive by mail on Saturdays.

ANYTHING else will be put on hold.

13. Cut to the chase: will a shutdown kill the Affordable Care Act?


The majority of funds for the ACA are derived from new fees and taxes, as well as from cost cuts in other programs (e.g., Medicare) and other funding that continues even if the government shuts down.

The Scrotum of Tea Baggers will not enjoy even a pyrrhic victory should the government shutdown.

14. Will the president get paid during a shutdown?

Yes. As will members of Congress.

Fun stuff, huh?

15. Who gets blamed?

The latest polls show 46% will blame congressional Republicans, with 36% saying the president would be more responsible and 13% pointing fingers at both. Somehow the Democrats escaped the finger pointing…

16. Well, at least this is the last snafu these jerks can foist off on us this year, right?


In the middle of October the current debt ceiling will need to be raised or the US will be unable to pay its bills. When that happens the president must ask Congress to raise the country’s credit limit. Which will start a replay of this scenario all over again.

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  1. Though technically only the 45 day C.R. (continuing resolution)

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